Complaints procedure


We are always happy to receive and value feedback about our website and services. Whether you liked a new blog, enjoyed a training session or have found a bug in our website, please let us know via email, letter or phone

If you are a Client, please note you will have the opportunity to give us anonymous feedback at the end of our collaborative project. However, we are happy to receive feedback via your preferred method at any point in time. 

Concerns and Complaints 

JRS Knowhow views feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future. It also represents a chance to put things right for the person (or organisation) that has made the complaint. 

We aim to: 

  • investigate your complaint quickly and thoroughly 
  • handle all complaints fairly, impartially, and professionally 
  • keep you informed about the progress and outcomes of your complaint 
  • make sure that complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired 
  • ensure everyone at JRS Knowhow knows what to do if a complaint is received 

Definition of a Complaint 

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction about any aspect of JRS Knowhow (with services provided, with a member of staff, with a trainer or with a Director of the Board) that relates to JRS Knowhow and that requires a formal response. 


All complaint information will be handled sensitively. We tell only those who need to know and follow any relevant data protection requirements. 

Responsibility and Review  

The responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with JRS Knowhow’s Board of Directors. We review this policy annually and update it as required. 

Concern or Complaint 

Most problems can be dealt with quickly by the people closest to the situation. We aim to take informal concerns seriously which reduces the likelihood of their developing into formal complaints. 

At first instance, please raise your concern with the JRS Knowhow staff member involved. If you feel it is not appropriate to speak to the individual directly, you can contact their line manager. 

If you are not happy with the response to your concern and you want to make a formal complaint, please follow the procedure below. 

Complaints procedure: 

Stage 1 – Direct contact 

If you are unable to resolve the issue informally, please contact the member of staff concerned, or their line manager. We have provided details on where to make a written complaint below. In your complaint, please tell us: 

  • what went wrong 
  • when it happened 
  • who you dealt with 
  • what action you would like us to take. 

Should your complaint be concerned with an external trainer, we will ask for your permission to widen the investigation and inform the organisation or individual concerned, provided they have an appropriate complaints procedure in place. 

We will acknowledge your complaint and inform you about who will be dealing with your complaint within five working days of receipt. We will give a full response within ten working days. If your complaint is complicated, we want to give it the attention it deserves, and a response might take longer. If this is the case, we will still inform you about the steps taken within ten working days. 

Stage 2 – Appeal 

If you are not happy with our response at Stage 1, you can write to JRS Knowhow’s Director and ask for your complaint to be reviewed. If your complaint is concerning the Director, you can contact the Board of Directors at

Please explain why you are not happy with our reply and what you would like us to do to make it right. We will acknowledge your appeal within five working days. 

If you are still unhappy with the response, you can write to the Chair of JRS Knowhow’s Board of Directors. They will look at the situation again and decide if any further action is needed. 

Stage 3 – External 

If you are still not satisfied, you can take your complaint to a relevant external body or ombudsman. For example, you can approach Citizens Advice Bureaux, Advice Direct Scotland, or another consumer protection agency. We will support this process and where possible provide the relevant contact details to support a swift resolution. 

Complaint contact details:  

You can make a written complaint or seek direct contact details in several ways: 

Room 1, 1st Floor 

39 St Vincent Place 


G1 2ER 

Inclusive communication

Our aim is to make our complaints procedure easy to use and as accessible as possible for everyone. We will take steps to make any adjustments requested to access this policy, or any requests to provide responses in other formats. 

If you prefer to phone us, please call us on: 0141 406 5354. A suitable member of staff will write down your complaint. Where appropriate we might ask you to approve the details our staff member has noted down. 

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