Equality Law Training

We worked with the Cairngorms National Park Authority staff and board to discuss the Public Sector Equality Duty and what it means for their work.



Cairngorms National Park Authority 



We delivered 11 training sessions both online and inperson between July 2022 and April 2023.  



  • 6 all staff training sessions 
  • 4 senior manager and line manager training sessions 
  • 1 board training session 
  • Learning material packs including slides, handouts, Q&A logs, further reading lists and reflective learner journals 
  • A tailored consultancy report with evidenced recommendations and a summary of the influence of the training on changing behaviours 

What the project involved 

We worked closely with the commissioning team to build a bespoke training package. This included asking learners’ for questions, hopes and expectations in advance of the sessions. We also spoke to wider stakeholders across the equality, access and outdoor sector, to better understand what they thought the session should cover. We created specific practical exercises and reading lists to relate the law to people’s everyday work.  

The sessions covered the role of the dominant identity, the Equality Act (2010), barriers to accessing the park, and creating inclusive working cultures. During the sessions we used digital tools like Slido and summarised a snapshot of the questions and answers as a takeaway for learners.  

We developed the training in collaboration, working with Jamie Spurway and Inclusion Scotland’s Real Inclusion team. 


Client testimony 

” Jen and Jamie as the primary trainers for both the staff and board sessions are a great duo and delivered the course with confidence, sensitivity and respect. They gave us all the space to ask tricky questions, to be honest about our starting points and the language we use, and to challenge our own beliefs and values. Informal feedback from staff has been that this is the best equalities course we have ever contracted. We all genuinely took something away from the course, even the most “hardened” and cynical of us. The back office organisation was excellent, lines of communication with the contracting team were always open, pre- and post- training materials were relevant and useful, and the Q&A that was developed through the training has been invaluable, with really helpful signposting to further information sources. The end-of-project report was also very useful and will inform our equalities activity going forward.” 


Further information 

Find out more about the Cairngorms National Park Authority’s Equality activities and read their latest Public Sector Equality Duty Mainstreaming report on their website.  

Jen standing in front of a slide reading A rights-based approach

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