Filming trauma informed eLearning materials with Chayn

We filmed and edited German learning videos for survivors of gender-based violence.  


Together with global collaborators, Ricarda produced videos for Chayn, a global nonprofit, run by survivors and allies from around the world. 


The project ran between August to October 2023. 


Self-paced and digital training for survivors of gender-based violence on Chayn’s Bloom platform 

What the project involved 

The videos are aimed at survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, and include information about patriarchal structures in societies, relationships and healing from trauma. They include optional 1 to 1 support. 

  • We produced 11 videos (between 15 and 45 minutes long) in German 
  • This included live recording, then editing, branding, captioning, creating transcripts and proofing the videos 
  • We also recorded a bite sized (under 1 minute) social media video about setting boundaries in online dating for Bumble Germany 


What did we love and learn throughout the project? 

  • The practical tips and exercises, including a different grounding exercise every video 
  • We were mindful to make the recordings as trauma informed as possible. This included what can be seen in the background, facial expressions, body language, and the tone in which we delivered the script 


Where to find the resources 

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