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We developed an online module about legal rights for the Rural Social Enterprise Hub.



InspirAlba provide business support, learning and employability opportunities, especially to rural social enterprises. 


The project ran from August 2022 to November 2022. 


An online module about legal rights in social enterprise for the Rural Social Enterprise Hub 

What the project involved 

We knew collaboration was key! As an expert in rural social enterprises, we worked closely with the client every step of the project. We held stakeholder conversations and collected case studies to get a picture of the bright variety of social enterprises in Scotland. 

The module covers: 

  • what rights are, and where they come from 
  • practical examples about how organisations are identifying rights in everyday practice 
  • how a rights based approach relates to all of social enterprises’ work from employment and partnerships to development and service delivery 
  • important local and international legal texts  
  • further reading and reflective questions to guide further learning 

This way, learners can choose what is relevant to them. 

Curious but stretched for time? We also wrote a blog about reasons why legal rights matter to social enterprises. 

What the client said about the project 

“JRS Knowhow were brilliant every step of the way, from the planning stage to keeping in contact while the materials were due to be uploaded. We would definitely collaborate with them again in the future!” 

Further information 

As part of the project, we have worked with different social enterprises to develop case studies about  

  • The work they are doing and how it is specific to their community 
  • How rights play a role in their work (for example, are they addressing a specific article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?) 

Thank you to the businesses who have collaborated with us: 

We enjoyed investigating which amazing social enterprises exist across rural Scotland and the world. We had many inspiring conversations with creative and socially impactful businesses. Are you inspired to contribute a case study? 

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