LAPG online course evaluation

We worked with LAPG to evaluate the results of the Management and Leadership Programme Hub’s learning activities


The Management and Leadership Hub, run by the Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG). 

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The evaluation took place between July 2022 and March 2023. 



An interim and final evaluation report. 


What the project involved 

  • We used a social justice lens for the evaluation, aiming to better understand the barriers to engaging in the course and exploring ways to create a more inclusive learning environment   
  • The methodology included outcome mapping workshops and drafting a Theory of Change 
  • The reports were mixed methods, involving desk based research, interviews, analysing the course content using reviewing tools and gathering online and postal surveys  


What the clients said about the project  

We will definitely be making changes to the programme that was evaluated. It has made us think about our training differently and enabled us to find better ways to make our training accessible and effective.” 

“I very much appreciate the time the JRS Knowhow team put into our project. ricarda and Laura were incredible to work with both as people and as evaluators.” 


Further information 

Learning online is challenging. Especially as we all experience the ever growing pressures of running an organisation in the fast changing world of 2023 and continue to battle Zoom fatigue. Evidencing the value and results of online learning activities can be difficult. It is tricky to unpick the results and changing behaviours of any project working in a complex environment. But with online learning, survey fatigue is a very real challenge to gathering enough data to evidence the results of a course.  

To counter these challenges, we designed a set of evaluative activities that focused on learner flexibility and fun. These included:  

  • Colourful postcards for paper surveys 
  • Using interactive digital tools like Jamboard for workshops   
  • Ensuring there were multiple ways to get involved, either via postal forms, online surveys or phone interviews  
  • Keeping meetings with busy lawyers and centre managers to 20 minutes 
  • Collecting examples of change in a digital scrapbook 
  • Creating a sense of connection and solidarity between cohorts of learners with video messages of advice 

Contact us to chat about research and evaluation projects we can collaborate on, to help you evidence the impact of your learning activities. 

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