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Finding legal advice, scales

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Disclaimer: this guide does not provide recommendations of lawyers and solicitors, it is for informational purposes only.

This is a pilot resource and we welcome your feedback, questions or suggestions via the feedback page. 

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Finding legal advice and accessing representation can be challenging. There can be lots of confusing jargon and the process can be costly.  

There is a difference between seeking legal advice and instructing a lawyer to act for you. For example, in court. 

You probably have lots of questions. 

You might be wondering about the difference between criminal and civil law. You might not be sure if you need a lawyer at all. You might be wondering about what to expect from a solicitor and what information a lawyer will need from you before they can represent you in court. You might also want to find out if you are eligible for legal aid

If you are unclear, seek legal advice. 

Ways of finding a lawyer in Scotland 

The Law Society of Scotland’s website has a searchable index of firms licenced to work in Scotland. It can be used to find a solicitor for individuals or organisations.  

The Scottish Legal Aid Board’s website has a search tool for solicitors who work on legal aid funded cases. Legal aid is designed for people who cannot afford a lawyer. The search can be filtered for civil, criminal or children’s legal advice. It also has an accessibility filter for firms who provide information about accessibility. 

You could also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureaux who can signpost local solicitors. 

How to add to this list 

If you would like to suggest a source of legal advice or representation to this list you can use our feedback page.

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